Umbrella Insurance in Ohio

Staying financially secure means being prepared for the unexpected curve balls that life might throw at you. Even if you have insurance policies in place, there are claim events that could exhaust your policy. What happens then? Umbrella insurance was created for just that. Bonvenuto Financial Group LLC is here to help you better understand umbrella insurance.

Preparation For The Unexpected

The old saying goes you can never be too prepared. Umbrella insurance is a unique type of policy that allows you to prepare for the unexpected. Each type of insurance policy you currently have will have a maximum benefit amount that can be paid out in the event of a claim. There are instances, however, in which the benefit amount does not cover all of the expenses incurred. When this happens, you could be left personally liable for the remaining expenses.

An umbrella policy, however, is designed to kick in and pay for remaining expenses up to a certain amount.

Protection for High-Risk Individuals

Although umbrella insurance can be an asset to anyone, there are certain people who will benefit most. If you are a business owner in Uniontown, OH, you are in a special liability category. You have a lot to lose during a claim event. Having umbrella insurance in place can help to protect you and your business from damaging expenses. If you have a very high-risk career, or if you participate in activities that pose a threat to you or to others, umbrella insurance can be a good idea.

The Right Amount For You

There is no one amount that will be right for everyone, which is why you need to sit down with an insurance agent to discuss your particular situation to determine how much umbrella insurance you need.

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