Motorcycle Insurance in Ohio

Bonvenuto Financial Group LLC is here to help residents of Uniontown, OH and the surrounding areas keep their motorcycles properly insured.

Insurance Laws Across the State

Insurance laws across the state are regulated regarding motorcycle operations. You must have proper insurance in place in order to use your motorcycle on the road. If you fail to do this, you can face stiff consequences.

Financial Consequences

Financial consequences can result if you are involved in an accident with your bike. Even if you were the only one involved the accident, you will still face financial consequences because it will be your responsibility to repair or replace your bike. If others are involved and you were at fault, it will be your responsibility to pay for repairs or replacement of their vehicle. You might even be held responsible to pay for medical expenses if someone was hurt.

Legal Consequences

In addition to financial consequences, there can also be legal consequences as well. If you are caught driving your bike without insurance, you will be fined and possibly face other legal punishments as well. This is considered a serious offense.

Lapsed Insurance Is No Insurance

You need to keep in mind that even if you have been paying for insurance and then you allow it to lapse, from the moment the policy lapses you have no coverage. This means that you are then vulnerable to the financial and legal consequences mentioned above. To avoid this, you need to always prioritize your insurance payments and coverage.

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