Life Insurance in Ohio

There are many ways you can prepare for the future. Investments, savings, and retirement are just a few of the ways most people prepare their finances for the future. Life insurance, however, is also an important way to ensure that your family has security later on. At Bonvenuto Financial Group LLC, serving Uniontown, OH and the surrounding areas, we are here to help you better understand how to use life insurance for financial planning.

How Life Insurance Works

Life insurance is a special type of coverage that will pay a benefit to your family in the event that you pass away. This money can be used to help pay for your burial expenses, headstone, or other end of life costs. The money can also be used to help pay for other types of expenses that your family may have. There are no restrictions really on how the money can be used.

Making Life Insurance Payments

Most life insurance policies will have a monthly premium that is paid throughout the life of the policy. There will also be a benefit amount set as well. The benefit amount is the amount of money that is paid to your loved ones after you pass.

Setting A Benefit Amount

Many people are curious about how much life insurance they need to purchase. There is really no one amount that is right for everyone. Each family will have different needs and expectations. The best way to determine how much insurance to purchase will be to sit down with your family and an insurance agent and discuss your financial situation, expectations, and standard of living.

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