RV Insurance in Ohio

Keeping your vehicles properly insured is an important part of your financial plan, and that should include your RV. At Bonvenuto Financial Group LLC, we are here to help the residents of Uniontown, OH and the surrounding areas better understand RV insurance. Keep reading to learn more.

Does My RV Really Need Insurance?

Yes, your RV does need insurance. You will need proper insurance to avoid both financial and legal consequences. RV insurance is also a wise option if you spend prolonged amounts of time in your RV or if you are living in your RV.

What Legal Consequences Might I Face?

If you fail to keep proper insurance on your RV, you might face legal consequences if you are caught operating the vehicle on the open road. Insurance laws governing RVs are similar to those governing other types of vehicles. RV insurance is required to keep you and other drivers safe.

What Financial Consequences Might I Face?

If you are involved in an accident, or there is damage to your RV in any way, you will be responsible for repairs or replacement. This could prove to be a financial hardship depending on the extent of the damage. If others, however, are also involved in the accident, and it is proven that the accident was your fault, then you might be held responsible for the damage to all vehicles involved. If people were hurt, then you might also be liable for paying for their medical bills as well. This can quickly add up to devastating amounts.

To avoid these types of damaging consequences, you need to keep proper insurance on your RV at all times.

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